About us

Our Intellectual Property Agency is made up of a team of specialised professionals with over 15 years of experience in both the national and international market.

We also bring legal experience to consultancy, proposing a new approach to intellectual property, focusing on the client, working dynamically on each project and using the best technological tools to provide real time answers, all with complete transparency.

As our clients are our focus and our partners, we are committed to working closely and efficiently with them, operating as an extension of their own services and ensuring fluid communications and speed in the handling of processes, always seeking to obtain the best and most appropriate solutions for their businesses.

Our Leaders

We have a tightknit, multidisciplinary team which includes industrial property agents and representatives authorised to act on behalf of our clients before any relevant national or international institutions or organisations. Our team is led by experienced, well-established professionals.

Our values

Our values help us to outline our mission, defining our culture and our way of operating and relating to each other as a team, as service providers and as legal operators.


This is our most fundamental value, guiding our relationships and how we work. Each one of our staff is honest, responsible and professional, and we demand an attitude that generates credibility. We always accept our responsibility for our actions, so our clients can place their trust in us.


We keep our clients constantly updated, informing them about our actions, the steps we’ve taken and our results, putting them in a position to make the best decisions for them. We therefore focus on clear and complete information sharing as one of the goals of our operation.


Our Agency believes in commitment. We are committed to the team, our values, our customers and Intellectual Property.


Every day, we seek out new solutions that allow us to add value to the organisations we work with.
We use the most innovative tools and we never stop trying to improve.